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How to Buy Cheap Eyeglasses Online

So you need to get a new pair of glasses and you are wondering if you can get cheap eyeglasses online?  Well if you believe the adage that you can buy anything online, then the answer is yes. But then:

  • How do you buy cheap eyeglasses online?
  • Do you need a prescription?
  • What is the quality of cheap eyeglasses online?
  • Is there anything you should worry about in buying cheap eyeglasses online?

The process for getting cheap eye glasses online is fairly simple and it could save you some money. But of course, you need to do it right.

You may find prescription eyeglasses advertised online for as cheap as $2 a pair. What do you think the quality is of glasses that cost just $2 a pair? And you may also find several buy one get one free deals online. But hey, be sure you know what you are getting for such low prices and deals.

You will need to have a prescription and know your pupillary distance measurement. The latter should be on your prescription and you will need it when you order your eyeglasses online.   It is very important that you get this measurement right or you could end up with the wrong lens.

When you go online to buy your eyeglasses, you will have to fill out a form that looks very much like your prescription.  The pupillary distance measurement is often asked for on the first page of the site. From there the process of buying cheap eyeglasses online consists of selecting the frames and extras you want.

Some cheap eyeglasses online sites will offer you free items that you normally pay a lot for at your eye doctor. This include scratch resistant lens, anti-reflective coating, case and perhaps shipping. You should take these items into account when you are deciding what your cheap eyeglasses online really will cost.

At your eye doctor you may get a case and have no shipping costs, but they are not likely to offer the resistant lens or anti-reflective coating for free. Some sites that offer cheap eyeglasses online also offer buy one get one free sales. If you have a tendency to be hard on your reading glasses or you need prescription glasses then the buy-one-get-one-free sites may be the best ones for you.

So now you know how the process works and that you do need a prescription to buy cheap eyeglasses online. Now let’s look at the concerns. What is the quality of cheap eyeglasses online and is there anything to worry about in buying online?

The quality of glasses online has dramatically improved and complaints are fewer and fewer.  Given that there are still some things you should consider. These include:

  • Read the fine print – make sure there are no surprises when you get to your final charge.
  • Understand the pricing vs. the advertising. This means that you may choose a pair of reading glasses from a cheap glasses online site that are advertised as $19.99. Just be aware that this is a base price. You have to add to it if you want bifocal, progressive or trifocal lens. Some sites add charges for the material the frame is made from. The pair for $19.99 might have a plastic frame. If you want titanium or flexlite you pay more. The same could be true for anti-reflected coating, scratch resistant lens and more.
  • Know that you will pay more for designer frames. They will still be cheaper than your doctor’s office or even the storefront glasses shops, but they will be more than the really cheap eyeglasses online that you will see advertised.
  • You can’t see how the glasses look on your face. You have to scrutinize the frame from many angles and some sites have models that you can try the glasses on.

Buying cheap eyeglasses online need not be scary venture.  If you do your homework and keep the above points in mind then you will have fun picking out your glasses and waiting for them to come in the mail!


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