What Are The Best Sunglasses For Men?

Looking for a great pair of sunglasses and not sure what the best sunglasses for men are? There are a lot of factors to consider in determining what might be the best sunglasses for you. Some of those factors would be:

  • Style/looks
  • Cost
  • Designer or not
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Lifestyle
  • Shape of the man’s face
  • Type of Lenses
  • Color of frames

So let’s take these factors into consideration and try to decide what the best sunglasses for men are.

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In terms of style and looks you also have to take into consideration the shape of the man’s face. There are seven basic facial shapes and the styles of sunglasses are designed to fit these different shapes.  Here is a very short description of the shapes and frames that best suit them when deciding on the best sunglasses for men.

  • Round Face – rectangular and narrow frames are best
  • Oval Face – Walnut shaped frames that are not too narrow or too wide
  • Oblong – low bridge and more depth than width
  • Upward Triangle – cat eyes and heavy color accents
  • Downward Triangle – wide at bottom and light colors
  • Diamond – rimless, oval or cat eyes
  • Square – narrow frames, narrow ovals

Once you are comfortable with the facial shape you can move on to which styles might be the best for you. A lot of men have square or oval faces which may be why so many men seem to favor aviator glasses or wayfarer style sunglasses. In fact when you take into account all the factors listed above it seems that aviators and wayfarers are the best sunglasses for men.

Both of these styles are versatile and made by many different manufacturers with varying levels of quality depending on the price one is willing to pay. It is also important to choose a color of frames that complements your skin color.

The wrap around type are the best sunglasses for men who are inclined to outdoor sports such as skiing or snowboarding or even beach volleyball.  It is also important to take into consideration the need for polarized lenses or scratch resistant coatings on the lenses. The best sunglasses will have 100% UV protection and shatter resistant lenses made of Trivex or Polycarbonate.

There are many manufacturers who only make sunglasses. If you go with one of these you can feel comfortable that you are getting excellent quality when deciding on what’s best. Quite often the designer glasses also have great styles.  So if you have decided that aviators or wayfarers are the best sunglasses for men you are better off going for RayBans than for cheap knockoffs at your drug store or at cheap online sites.

In looking to buy the best sunglasses for men you really can’t go wrong with aviators or wayfarers. Both of these styles have been popularized by celebrities and in movies over the year. John F Kennedy was famous for his Wayfarer sunglasses and Top Gun made aviators the “in” glasses. Also every man can wear the shape of either aviators or wayfarers. A lot of men are able to look great in either of these two.

So when you are looking for the best sunglasses for men keep in mind all the above factors and you will make a good decision.  You will have many years of looking great in the best sunglasses for men.

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