Pros and Cons of Using Bifocal Reading Glasses

Do you own a pair of bifocal reading glasses? If so what do you think are the benefits of having bifocal reading glasses as opposed to regular reading glasses? Are there any disadvantages?

If you use regular reading glasses you might be asking what bifocal reading glasses are. Bifocal reading glasses have a clear lens with no correction on the top part of the bifocal lens and the strong reading correction lens on the bottom. So the glasses allow you to see through the upper portion of the lens as if you were not wearing glasses and the bottom portion allows you to read with perfect clarity.

You can buy bifocal reading glasses in many drugs stores, online and even at your eye doctor’s office. So what are the pros and cons of using bifocal reading glasses?

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Let’s look at the aspects of these types of glasses that are a benefit to the wearer. Probably the most obvious situation where the bifocal reading glasses would come in handy are when you love the frames on your readers but hate to constantly take them off and put them back on. With bifocal reading glasses you put them on and both your distance and near visions are clear. So you can keep your glasses on and not have to keep putting off and on your regular reading glasses.

There are so many situations in which you can see how this might be a major advantage.  Here are just a few examples:

  • In a meeting where a presentation is being given and you are taking notes, you need reading glasses for the notes but have to remove them to see the presentation. Bifocal reading glasses would come in very handy there.
  • In a grocery store you might need reading glasses to read labels and sale brochures but take them off to read the aisle sides. Here is another situation where bifocal reading glasses would be a major benefit.
  • At a sporting event bifocal reading glasses would make a big difference when trying to read the program and at the same time watch the action on the field or scoreboard. This would be true as well for any kind of cultural event where you are reading a program and watching the event.

Now let’s look at possible negatives for the use of bifocal reading glasses.

  • If you need reading glasses specifically for use with your computer then bifocal reading glasses will not work for you. You will need a prescription correction for that.
  •  If too much of the lens is covered by the reading correction then bifocal reading glasses will not be a benefit. A lot depends on how well they are made.
  • Some users also may not be able to get used to the split in the lenses. For them bifocal reading glasses would not work.

On the whole it seems the pros outweigh the cons with bifocal reading glasses.  But it really depends on the user’s preference.  What do you think?

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