Where to Get Cheap Designer Sunglasses

Looking to buy some cheap designer sunglasses? Have a yearning for Ray-Bans, Christian Dior, Prada or Black Fly sunglasses? You need prescription sunglasses and you don’t want to pay the price for designer ones at your eye doctor.  So where can you find a good selection of cheap designer sunglasses both prescription and non-prescription?

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You could try a kiosk like Sun Glasses Hut. Designer sunglasses may cost over three hundred dollars at your doctor’s office, but only $100 and up at this type of store.  These are not exactly cheap designer sunglasses. For example, you are looking for a pair of Oakley 009102 Holbrook; they run around $120-$140 at one of these type stores for non-prescription glasses.  Prada sunglasses might cost around $205-$365 for non-prescription.

What would you pay for these designer sunglasses at the website of the manufacturer or department store site? For instance a pair of Prada PR57LS (Logo Rimless Shield Sunglasses) cost $225 at Nordstrom.  A pair of Ray-Ban Aviators runs the same $139 at the Sun Glasses Hut and at the Ray-Ban site. So where can you get a pair of really cheap designer sunglasses?

How about discount sunglasses websites. You will find there are many cheap designer sunglasses sites on the web that offer a quality product for a reasonable price. Don’t go for the $15 variety if you want good polarized lenses or a non-glare, non-scratch finish like you would get with full price designer sunglasses. With a little work you can find cheap designer sunglasses that come with the options you want in a quality pair of glasses.

If you are willing to pay a little more for your cheap designer sunglasses you will find all of the options available to you that you get at the designer sites or the expensive department stores. Options like:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Optical Glass lenses
  • Metal frames
  • Maximum UV Protection
  • Various colors

So let’s take the RayBan Aviators that are $139 at Sun Glasses Hut and The RayBan site can be found for $99.00 at some cheap designer sunglasses sites.  If on the other hand you are willing to settle for a cheap designer sunglasses knockoff with all the options listed above you can get them for $29.99 with a choice of colors.

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Now let’s look at the Prada PR57LS that runs $225 to 290 at Sun Glasses Hut and Nordstrom.  These same glasses can be found for $175 at a discount cheap designer sunglasses site. These are the exact same glasses.  Again if you are willing to settle for a cheap designer  sunglasses site knock off of these glasses you can find them for as little as $20.00 in two colors with UV 400 Lenses and free shipping. It all depends on what you are looking for and willing to pay for.

Either way, whether you want the real thing in designer sunglasses or you are willing to settle for the knock off that looks very much like the real thing, you will find what you want at one of the many cheap designer sunglasses websites.


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