Buying Cheap Wayfarer Sunglasses

So you need to find cheap wayfarer sunglasses as you are in love with the design but cannot afford the usual price of $150-$200 for the original RayBans.  You have checked with your eye doctor and they are charging even higher prices for original Wayfarers. The RayBan website charges between $150-$200. So where can you find cheap wayfarer sunglasses?

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It is time to consider an online site. You are concerned though about the quality and the authenticity of cheap wayfarer sunglasses that you would find online. After all the RayBan Wayfarer is a classic and iconic sunglasses brand.  Designed in 1952, the wayfarer was a totally new design and very avant garde. When you saw them in the film Twilight you knew you would have to get them soon. But vintage wayfarer sunglasses were going for incredible prices on eBay and now the new ones are still too expensive.

You might settle for a pair of cheap wayfarer sunglasses but if they are not RayBan then they have to be an almost identical copy.  You are not at all sure you can get such an identical copy of those distinctive trapezoidal frames in cheap wayfarer sunglasses online, but you decide it is worth some time to try to find out.

When researching cheap wayfarer sunglasses online you discover that there are actually two styles. There are the original wayfarer style and the new wayfarer style. The original wayfarer sunglasses cost considerably more than the new style. You find there are many web sites where you can buy cheap wayfarer sunglasses in either of these styles.  Still how will you know if the quality and style authenticity are there in the cheap wayfarer sunglasses versus the expensive RayBan?

Online websites offer cheap wayfarer sunglasses knock –offs ranging in price from $9.99 to the least expensive RayBan at about $69.99. Many of these sites offer free pouches (not hard cases) and some offer free shipping if you buy multiple pairs. All of them offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality and or look of your cheap wayfarer sunglasses.  Many of these sites offer a variety of colors for your cheap wayfarer sunglasses including the very popular neon colors.  The pictures offered on these sites appear to show a nearly identical style to the original wayfarer. There are even “dial a vision“ cheap wayfarer sunglasses that allow you to adjust the tint of the lenses from light to dark for different situations. And this for just $12.00!

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So with the 100% money back guarantee and the iconic almost cult style that these cheap wayfarer sunglasses all have, how can you go wrong?  You can purchase so many versions of the wayfarer on these websites that it will make your head spin. There are the neon colors already mentioned; there are the classic black, red, brown, blue, tortoise shell, and white on striped orange colors. You can get them with polarized lenses and you can get them for prescription sunglasses.  Whatever you chose you cannot go wrong with the cheap wayfarer sunglasses that you can buy online.


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