Pros and Cons of Buying Christian Dior Sunglasses

Over the years Christian Dior sunglasses have been growing in popularity.  So what makes them so popular and are they really worth it? A quick online search reveals a multitude of sites selling Christian Dior sunglasses in a wide variety of styles and a wide variety of price points. You can get a pair of plastic Christian Dior sunglasses for $180 or $400. So what makes them so popular and what are the reasons people spend that much money on Christian Dior sunglasses?  Let's take a look at the pros and cons of buying Christian Dior Sunglasses.

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Pros of Buying Christian Dior Sunglasses

  1. Elegant and lightweight with many different styles: One of the best things about Christian Dior sunglasses is in the feel and look on your face. They are extremely comfortable and good looking.
  2. Variety of styles: There is a wide variety of Christian Dior sunglass styles and you can find them on many websites. There are a variety of colors and styles. You will find fun styles, elegant styles, styles for the classy serious business person.
  3. Warranties: The inexpensive knock offs will not give you a warranty. The quality of authentic Christian Dior sunglasses is guaranteed.
  4. Great lenses: Christian Dior sunglasses have excellent polarization and UV protection. You will not get this kind of lens protections with a designer copy.
  5. Attractive: Probably the biggest reason that Christian Dior sunglasses are so popular is because they are so attractive. They are considered glamorous and flamboyant. They are bold and striking. You see celebrities like Audrey Hepburn wearing them in pictures and movies. You think of Paris when you see Christian Dior sunglasses. Some of today’s celebrities that can be seen wearing Christian Dior sunglasses are Nicole Richie, Kanye West, Maria Carey, Rihanna and many more.

Cons of Buying Christian Dior Sunglasses

  1. Some of the criticism leveled at Christian Dior sunglasses are in the area of pricing. Why pay two to three hundred dollars for one pair of sunglasses when you can get ones that look almost exactly like it for anywhere from twenty dollars to about one hundred and twenty dollars? Obviously the quality of the glasses at twenty dollars won’t compare with the ones at a hundred dollars. At the same time are the authentic Christian Dior sunglasses worth hundreds of dollars more than that?
  2. What is the quality of the Christian Dior sunglasses? Is it worth the price? There are many reviews on the internet that indicate there might be some questions about the quality. At the same time there are as many if not more that praise the quality of the Christian Dior sunglasses.
  3. Fraud: Probably the biggest negative to buying Christian Dior sunglasses is making sure you are getting the real thing. There are plenty of websites that advertise that they are copies and not originals, but there are still those that will claim to be Christian Dior sunglasses when they are not.

In summary though there are a few negatives about Christian Dior sunglasses, especially the issue of fraudulent copies, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you want a pair of quality, attractive and boldly styled glasses then you will definitely want a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses.


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