Giorgio Armani Glasses and Celebrities Who Wear Them

So popular are Giorgio Armani glasses that there are many celebrities that often wear them. And there are many different styles of these glasses worn by the celebrities.  These styles are very popular among the rest of us as well.

In this article we will look at some of the Giorgio Armani glasses styles that are the most popular with celebrities and the frame and lens color combinations that these glasses are available in. In both sunglasses and clear or prescription glasses the Giorgio Armani brand captures the look many celebrities love.

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Giorgio Armani Glasses Worn by Female Celebrities

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, has called Karolina Kurkova the next supermodel. This next supermodel is a huge fan of Giorgio Armani glasses especially the 837/S Sunglasses which comes in four different frame and lens combinations. And of course fans of Karolina are also very eager to wear these glasses.  

The same is true for Vanessa Hudgens who loves her Giorgio Armani glasses in the sunglasses variety. One of her favorites is the 820/S Sunglasses, which comes in four frame and color combinations as well. On the other hand Natalie Portman is a huge fan of the classic aviator style, the Giorgio Armani 847/S Sunglasses.

 Another female celebrity known for her love of Giorgio Armani glasses is Katie Holmes, even as her husband Tom Cruise sports his classic aviators. Katie is best known for her TV and movie roles and is styling in her Giorgio Armani 852/S Sunglasses, which are also available in four lens shades.

Kate Beckinsale, star of Underworld and Van Helsing, loves the 778/S Sunglasses of Giorgio Armani glasses and her fans certainly do too. Fans can pick them up in four different colors.

We can also add Kim Kardashian to the list of female stars that love Giorgio Armani glasses.

Giorgio Armani Glasses Worn by Male Celebrities

On the male celebrities, we have superstar Brad Pitt. Although Brad is known for wearing a wide variety of designer glasses, he is often seen in Giorgio Armani glasses with the retro Havana look.  You can get this look with the 837/S Sunglasses.

Another big fan of the Giorgio Armani glasses is Adrian Grenier of Entourage. Adrian is a big fan of the sporty wraparound shades, the 699/S Sunglasses. You guys can pick this model up in three different colors.

With so many actors, actresses and models being seen in Giorgio Armani glasses, whether they be prescription glasses, clear or reading glasses or the ever stylish sunglasses, it is clear that the brand is extremely popular with the stars. It can be certain that if there is an ever increasing number of celebrities both male and female choosing Giorgio Armani glasses that there will also be an ever increasing number of their fans doing the same.

But there are so many classic and trendy designs in the line of Giorgio Armani glasses that neither the celebrities nor the fans will soon run out of styles to choose from.


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