Looking for Great Pairs of Designer Sunglasses for Men?

Who says we can’t be in style while walking on sunshine?

YES, we can! Even John F. Kennedy himself thinks so. He was spotted wearing a dark pair of Wayfarers one sunny morning.

Well then, if that’s the case, how about you?

Looking for a great pair of designer sunglasses for men isn’t an easy task. We must always remember that when looking for an amazing pair of sunglasses, there are three things we should never fail to bear in mind. First, an adorable pair of designer sunglasses for men must look CLASSY. Second, never miss the fact that a wonderful pair of sunglasses for men should look WITTY and GORGEOUS. This alone makes you more attractive and irresistible, especially to the eyes of your female counterpart.  And the third, of course, is the word DURABLE

It is undeniable that these factors put a huge mark on our checklist when it comes to considering what type of designer sunglasses we would want to buy. And these days, choosing the BEST pair of designer sunglasses for men is a little bit harder since there are so many superb types of designer sunglasses for men; and it seems like every day, a bunch of new and quality sunglasses jump into the field, making it more confusing to choose just ONE WHICH FITS US THE MOST.

So, why is it important to choose the BEST pair of designer sunglasses for men?

Many people find direct sunlight too bright for comfort during outdoor activities. Healthcare professionals recommend eye protection whenever the sun comes out to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems.

For ages, sunglasses were worn not only to protect the eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun.  It is also worn for fashion statements, which more or less describes the personality of the user.

Yes, sunglasses define our personality.

Wherever we go, we want the best of us to come out. We want to show the people what we’ve got. Whatever we do, we always want to look suave and be in style.  

Sunglasses always have a huge impact on a man’s style and appearance.

So if that’s the case, then we have to get the BEST pair of designer sunglasses for men, don’t we?

RayBan Still Tops the Designer Sunglasses for Men

There are new designs and new designers currently overtaking the current market for designer sunglasses, and you may find it amusing that the designer sunglasses for men of old are not the most popular and top-selling sunglasses for men at the present.  But there is one exception… there is this one classic and iconic designer that still rules the market and tops the sales for men’s sunglasses – and we’re talking about RayBan.

Yes, guys, the king of the designer sunglasses for men, RayBan.

There are two styles of the king designer sunglasses that stand out the most among all the list of designer sunglasses for men as of the present – they are the Aviator Sunglasses and the Wayfarer Sunglasses.  The ‘Aviators’ is a very classic design that has been on the top sellers list since being introduced shortly after World War II and, well, of course they still are.

The ‘Wayfarers’ on the other hand, enjoyed early popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Though the sunglasses had faded from the limelight by the 1970s, a lucrative 1982 product placement deal brought Wayfarers to their height of popularity. Sometimes cited as the best-selling design of sunglasses in history,  (although RayBan Aviators have also been credited with this achievement)  the ‘Wayfarers’ has been then called a classic of modern design and one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 21st century.

But Many Other Designer Sunglasses for Men Are Clibming Up

But with RayBan as the king, there are still a lot of designer sunglasses which had climbed to the best-sellers’ list of designer sunglasses for men – and among these brands, here are our choices. All of these designer sunglasses are excellent and comfortable to use that even celebrities themselves can’t resist:

Designer Sunglasses for Men   Great Pairs of Designer Sunglasses for Men

Prada Sunglasses

A Prada PR 50 LS is a shiny, metal adorable sunglasses that would absolutely give the ultimate bold image men have always wanted. This is commonly used by men who use sunglasses to give them the “chick-magnet” look. These designer sunglasses would definitely make anyone look sleek and sophisticated.


Revo Backbay
Round Polarized Sunglasses

This is a must-have for men who are always on-the-go. These designer sunglasses for men will ultimately give you the image of being an action or racer type of guy. Its superb frame uses great mirror coatings for a tapered architecture that gives comfort to the eyes, plus its’ smoky grayish-black color which gives you that sexy, bad-boy look.

Nice Pair of Designer Sunglasses for Men   Pairs of Designer Sunglasses for Men

Tom Ford Charles
(FT0035 ) Sunglasses

If you want the elegant, classy look, then you might consider this as the best designer sunglasses for men to have. These lightweight designer sunglasses for men, ideally suits medium face sizes, and have adjustable nose pads to ensure comfort and an optimal fit. The metal arms fuse with acetate at the temple tips, and curve to fit snugly over the ear. These designer sunglasses will not only make you look like a celebrity, but these will also ooze your sex appeal and overwhelm you with confidence.


BE3040 Sunglasses

The Burberry BE3040 sunglasses have a stylish modified square frame which makes it perfect for a variety of shape faces. This is a practical icon for stylish people and this best define guys who believe that simplicity is beauty.

Nice Pair of Designer Sunglasses for Men   Designer Sunglasses for Men

Costa Del Mar
Grand Isle Sunglasses

This is a very good fashion accessory for casual days and is perfect for times when outdoor activities are being done.  When the sun is up and you are out on the water, these designer sunglasses for men are perfect for battling the elements and going on adventures.  These sunglasses are made of monel, which is a strong, easy-to-adjust, corrosion-resistant metal and its nose pads can be adjusted for comfort. This also has a set of polarized lenses, which block intense reflected light and reduce glare.


Maui Jim 409-Kanaha

The frame for these lightweight designer sunglasses for men are made out of Grilamid, a light, durable polymer with superior shape retention. These sunglasses also offer an unobstructed view with its rimless design.  This is also very good for casual days and is best for outdoor activities.

Nice Pair of Designer Sunglasses for Men   Designer Sunglasses for Men

Oakley Radar Path

Want to look like the coolest agent in history? Then these designer sunglasses for men are the best for you.  

The Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses are one of the most innovative pieces of equipment Oakley has to offer. It is perfectly suave for style and is superbly crafted for athletic guys.  Oakley has spent 30 years crafting its technologies and materials to bring you a frame as impressive as the Oakley Radar Path. It has lens coating, which eliminates rain and sweat from sticking to the lens, also repelling natural skin oils and other contaminants. These designer sunglasses for men are smudge resistant, therefore making it perfect to use, especially for traveling purposes.


Gucci 2206/S

Do you want to look sexy, be called “the man”, and classy at the same time? Then this is the answer for you.

Being one of the best Gucci sunglasses, the elegance of these designer sunglasses for men is very obvious in every frame, with high quality, strong shapes and iconic details. It is an 80-s inspired designer sunglasses, having aviator-style frames.

Whatever your style is and whatever facial features you have, there is a pair of sunglasses out there for you.  So get the best line of designer sunglasses for men and satisfy your thirst for real, elegant, and fashionable eyewear.


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