Are Nike Sunglasses Worth Your Money?

Nike sunglasses are very popular these days and come in a wide variety of styles. They are also a little pricey with pairs running from $80 to over $250. Are Nike sunglasses worth that price?

The Nike name has been an icon in American sportswear and shoes since the late 1970’s when a student at University of Oregon made a special pair of running shoes. The brand really skyrocketed with Air Jordan during the Michael Jordan era.

But Nike sunglasses?

Like a lot of their designer cousins Nike sunglasses are still made in Italy and are geared to the active lifestyle. These are sunglasses designed for the needs of athletes whether they are professionals, college or just back yard quarterbacks. They are well made with nose grips designed not to slip during strenuous activities.  Nike sunglasses are functional and stylish but are they really worth $150? Or $200? $250? Not surprisingly, most reviewers say that they are.

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Nike sunglasses and sportswear glasses are made in conjunction with Marchon Eyewear and were introduced in 1997 as Nike Eyewear. At that time the line consisted of ten ophthalmic frames and six pairs of sunglasses. There are dozens more styles of Nike sunglasses and sportswear glasses today. All frames are made of Flexion and so they are durable and flexible. Nike frames are impossible to bend out of shape and they resist metal fatigue.

Six of the ten original ophthalmic frames had clip on Nike sunglasses.  All of the styles of Nike glasses and sunglasses are designed to fit snugly on the temples and the nose. Flash and polarized lenses are available for all sunglasses. In addition Nike has several patented technologies for their regular lenses and the sunglasses lenses are designed specifically for athletes.  Max lens technology minimizes distortion and provides a wide field of vision. Flying lens technology provides airflow and prevents fogging while all nose pads are ventilated.

Each sports style of Nike glasses and sunglasses are designed to improve performance no matter what the sport may be that the wearer is engaged in. Nike vision is well known for the quality and durability of their glasses and sunglasses. The durability and style of Nike sunglasses was on display during the MLB playoffs as Nike Vision athletes Evan Longoria, Mark Teixeira, and Elvis Andrus all showed up wearing Nike Show-X2s.

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Only Nike sunglasses with Nike Max Optics have zero distortion straight ahead and minimal distortion across the curve of the lens.  This allows the professional athlete to maximize his vision in any outdoor playing conditions. They will do the same for the amateur.

Professional golfer Michele Wei finds Nike sunglasses to be just the right fit both professionally and personally. Michele favors Nike Vision Racers with outdoor tint to cut harsh sunlight and show up the details in the shadows. These sunglasses are perfect for the golfer male and female, pro and amateur.

It is examples like this of the tough durable technology that goes into Nike sunglasses that makes them more than worth the money for athletes on any level.


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