Non Prescription Glasses and Why People Wear Them

There is a new trend in fashion these days – wearing non prescription glasses. Why are people wearing them?  Will this trend last? Sometimes called vanity glasses or retro-nerd glasses, these non prescription glasses are gaining in popularity every day even though some think it is a ridiculous trend.  At the same time there are obviously a large number of people who love this fashion look.

Do you hate seeing people wear non prescription glasses?

Some people who wear prescription glasses because they have to are offended or annoyed at those who wear non prescription glasses. If you see wearing glasses all your life as a negative it would be hard to understand or appreciate a fashion trend toward non prescription glasses. After all, why would you wear glasses when you don’t have to?

Some have compared wearing non prescription glasses to wearing a hearing aid when you can hear fine or even making fun of people who have to wear glasses. Some people have hated having to wear glasses and enduring teasing about it as a child so much that they resent anyone who would think it was cool to wear glasses just as a fashion statement.

But there are some benefits to wearing non prescription glasses.

Really!  There are some real benefits to wearing non prescription glasses such as if your eyes are sensitive to the wind, dust particles or you have allergies. You might also consider adding UV protection to your non prescription glasses. In this way you can marry a function with your fashion statement glasses.

Besides, wearing non prescription glasses is fashion and helps some people look better!

Wearing glasses has always been as much about style as it is about function. So the growing trend of wearing non prescription glasses is just a fashion statement for many people. Some actually look better in glasses than without them and if they have no need for prescription glasses then this trend is for them.  Others are trying to cover the puffiness or tired look of their eyes that comes with age. Stylish glasses can certainly draw attention away from what you don’t like about your face.

Again, some people wear non prescription glasses because glasses make them look cool or smart.  For instance a teacher may wear a “professorial glasses” to make him look like a professor.   Or an average student may wear glasses because he wants to look “nerd”.  There are even those who have had Lasik surgery but are so attached to their image and look that they now wear non prescription glasses.

So, would you wear non prescription glasses?

Just because an item such as non prescription glasses serves a functional role does not mean it cannot serve a second, just as legitimate, fashion role. For several years now major fashion designers such as Calvin Klein have made glasses into a fashion accessory. So why not wear non prescription glasses?

By far fashion is the biggest reason that people wear non prescription glasses. And the great thing about it is that adding non prescription glasses to your looks won’t break your bank. That’s because you can easily get a cool pair of non prescription glasses at sites like Amazon for under $30.


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