Thinking About Buying Prescription Glasses Online?

Here is your story about buying prescription glasses online. You went to your eye doctor today and you need new glasses. So you take a look around in his office as you have always purchased your glasses here.  As you peruse the cases and cases of glasses you worry about the cost and wonder if there is a better way. You wonder if you can buy prescription glasses online or at a discount store like Wal-Mart. After all your insurance paid for the office visit and tests but there is not much left of your eye allowance to pay for the glasses. This is because your insurance gives you a lump sum to spend on everything connected with your eyes. Would it be cheaper to get your prescription glasses online because even if you had the kind of insurance that pays separately for the visit, the lenses and the frames, you would still have to put out hundreds of dollars if you buy the glasses here?

So you wonder what the alternatives are. You know that places like Wal-Mart and Sears sell prescription eyeglasses. You don’t know if they only fill their own prescriptions, but you doubt it. You also wonder about buying prescription glasses online. You have heard that there might be some good deals there. So you decide on a pair that you like here at the office and see what the cost is. The frames are $170 and the lenses are $190 by the time you add scratch resistance and non-reflective coatings. They will also give you a case and cleaning supplies. So your total at your eye doctor is $360. You think you can do better buying your prescription glasses online. So you ask your doctor to hold the frames for you and leave.

You go home and decide to try researching how to buy prescription glasses online and how much they might cost. You have the brand and the number for the frames you want and you have a copy of the prescription. Before you start you call Wal-Mart and Sears. Sure enough you could get your prescription filled there but are they cheaper than prescription glasses online?  At Wal-Mart it would cost you $210 and at Sears it would cost $280. Both a good savings from your doctor’s office but can you buy your prescription glasses online any cheaper than that? You keep asking yourself that question.

Still wondering about it you ask around. Has anyone you know purchased prescription glasses online? What was their experience? You hear a couple different stories. One friend paid very little for their prescription glasses online but felt the quality was not there. A family member however got a great deal and saved over $200 for their prescription glasses online from what her doctor was charging. You decide to check it out and you search for “prescription glasses online”. Multiple cheap eyeglasses online sites come up from your search and you decide to check out a few of them.

How easy will it be to buy prescription glasses online? What will the quality be like? What will it cost? These are the questions that you need answers to. To your pleasant surprise you find several sites that have the same frames you like and that have money back guarantees. Most will bill your insurance. So let’s take a look at the costs of the prescription glasses online versus your other choices.

On site A the frames you like with the lens you need will cost you $129. However you have to pay extra for the anti-reflective coating but it is only $5. Then shipping is $15. So the cost for your prescription glasses online, the same ones your doctor had for $360 will cost you $149. You save $211! Now you compare the cost of buying your prescription glasses online to Wal-Mart and Sears. You still save $61 over Wal-Mart and $131 over Sears.

With the guarantee and the insurance filing this sounds like a really good deal.  You decide to check out at least one more site and to your surprise you find that on this site you can purchase your prescription glasses online for a total of $120 including shipping. This site has the same guarantees and will file your insurance.  You decide to give it a try and buy these prescription glasses online.

With your prescription in hand you fill out the online forms, get your Pupil Distance Measurement (PDM) and fill in the insurance information. You press “order now” and you have successfully ordered your prescription glasses online for a savings of over $200. Now you anxiously await the arrival in the mail of your new glasses. When they come you are again pleasantly surprised as the prescription glasses online are the same quality as the ones in your doctor’s office. Soon you are telling everyone you know how easy and how cheap it is to buy prescription glasses online.


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