What Makes RayBans So Popular?

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RayBan is one of the most popular brand names in sunglasses today. Two iconic styles immediately come to mind when you think of RayBans: the Aviator and the Wayfarer which are best sellers in the sunglasses field. So how did they get there and what is it about the brand that attracts so many celebrities and politicians? What makes RayBan the undisputed leader in the sunglasses market?

The RayBan brand was developed by Bausch – Lomb at the request of the US military in the 1930’s with a need to protect the eyes of air force pilots from glare and UV rays. In response to this request Bausch-Lomb created the aviator style and branded it RayBan. The Aviators remain not only the best selling RayBans line, but the image of the company itself. When you think of RayBans you think of Aviators with the Wayfarer a close second.

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And when you think of Aviators you think of “Top Gun”, Brad Pitt and General Douglas MacArthur. When you think of Wayfarers you think John Kennedy, U2 and Morrissey. Both styles are icons and copied by many other sunglass manufacturers. But what makes them so popular?

For the Aviators it has to do with the shape of the lenses that look great on almost any face. The polarized lenses and choice of colors that have been developed over the years only add to the popularity of the brand. In the 1980’s RayBan entered into a deal to place Wayfarers and Aviators in movies, television shows and commercials. Since then the Wayfarer in particular has appeared in over 50 movies and television shows including “Risky Business” with Tom Cruise. Cruise has added to the popularity of both RayBan styles.

The styles of RayBans are sporty, sleek and sexy. This is the perfect mix for mass popularity when you add in all the celebrities that are seen wearing one or both of the styles. RayBan then adds to that with versatility and choices in the color of lenses and frames. Their polarized lenses are known for sharp clear vision and strong UV protection. RayBans are a favorite of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Probably the most important factor in its reputation and popularity is its commitment to quality. As a company that started out providing sunglasses to the military they have never wavered from that commitment. Whether they are making sunglasses for the military or for the guy next door, the quality is the same.  As always, a pair could last you a life time.

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In summary, the iconic styles, the “celebrity factor”, placement in movies and television, but most of all the lasting reputation for quality are all reasons the RayBans are so popular. There are so many imitation RayBans available that you can have the style without the cost. You can even get “designer” imitation RayBans both in the aviator and the Wayfarer style. When designers like Christian Dior, Prada, Oakley, Gucci, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs to name just a few are copying the RayBan styles, they only add to the reputation and popularity of RayBans. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the designers at RayBan should feel great with all the top glasses brands copying their two styles.


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