What You Should Know When Buying Reading Glasses Online

As you peruse the display in your discount store you wonder about buying reading glasses online. Would they be cheaper? Would the quality be the same? Could you find frames you like better if you buy your reading glasses online? You have never really explored this possibility so you decide to give it a try.

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Your first step in researching buying reading glasses online is to ask around. Family and friends may already have gone through the experience of getting reading glasses online and you can learn from them. So as you ask around you get a variety of answers. Some had a great experience buying reading glasses online and others did not. The people who did not have a great experience felt that the shipping charges were too high and the quality of the reading glasses online was too low.  On the other hand, those that had a great experience with reading glasses online found they were substantially less expensive and that more than made up for the shipping cost. These folks also found that reading glasses online were the same quality as the ones in the store.

So what was the difference you wondered? You took down the names of the websites each of these folks had used to buy reading glasses online and then decided to do your own search. You would look at the sites the others used but you would do a new search for “reading glasses online”. You found a multitude of sites offering these glasses from $5.99 to over $20 depending on the frames and of course depending on the site offering these reading glasses online.

The pair of glasses you like in the store were $15.99 so you decided to see if you could find similar ones cheaper at the reading glasses online web sites. Soon enough you were looking at the exact same glasses for $5.99 plus $5.00 shipping. So you would save $5.99 by buying your reading glasses at this site. But look there is a site that offers 3 pair of reading glasses online for only $14.99 and free shipping! That looks like a great deal. That is only $5 per pair!

So now what about the quality? How do these reading glasses online stack up against the ones in your store? You check to see if the site that is offering the 3 pair for $14.99 is one that your friends talked about. It turns out that these reading glasses online are from the site that your friends had good experiences with and felt the quality was comparable to the store. OK you say. Let’s trying buying these 3 pair of reading glasses online for $14.99

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A few weeks later your glasses arrive. You take them out of the carton and inspect them. These reading glasses online look exactly like the ones you choose in the store. You try them on and try reading a bit. You find the quality of these reading glasses online to be the same as the ones you have bought in the store in the past. You check over the frames and connections and feel that the quality there is also the same.

Having had such a good experience, it is not likely you will be buying reading glasses in the store again. By buying your reading glasses online you got 3 pairs for $14.99. The same three pairs in the store would have cost you almost $48. You saved almost $33 by buying your reading glasses online!


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