Who Needs Prescription Safety Glasses?

Do people who wear safety glasses and prescription glasses have to have two separate types of glasses?  Well that used to be the case before prescription safety glasses became popular. It used to be that workers who needed to wear safety glasses and prescription glasses had to have them as separate pairs of glasses.  Other than wearing them one at a time, the only other option was to put the safety glasses over the prescription glasses.  But now anyone can get prescription safety glasses and not have to cope with having to take the prescription glasses off to put the safety glasses on and vice versa.

Prescription safety glasses look just like regular prescription glasses except that the corrective lenses are more durable and provide better protection.  Who buys and uses them?

If you wear prescription glasses there are so many times when you could take advantage of having prescription safety glasses. Besides those many professions that require safety glasses there are many home hobbies that you need them for as well and where prescription safety glasses would be a great benefit to you.  

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Now on what circumstances would you need prescription safety glasses instead of regular prescription glasses?

  • If you work in any of the many industries that have a risk of flying particles or falling objects the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires safety glasses. In these environments prescription safety glasses would be a major benefit.  The detachable side protectors could be easily attached or detached as needed.
  • In environments where there is a lot of dust there is a particular danger in wearing contact lenses.  Prescription safety glasses solves that problem.
  • Other workplace dangers include chemicals, heat, and optical radiation. A good pair of prescription safety glasses will protect workers in these environments.

In order to know what kind of safety precautions are needed in any work environment, management must perform a hazard assessment. In this way workers who need to wear glasses will know where or when to wear prescription safety glasses and where or when to attach the side protectors. Each individual job area must be assessed. For example in one factory you may need prescription safety glasses for impact protection in the machine shop and need to attach the side protectors in the plating area where chemicals are in use.

And for home hobbyists the need for prescription safety glasses is just as strong. If you work with lathes, sanders, saws and other power tools at home you need eye protection. Prescription safety glasses are not only good protection againts dust and particles but also against potential impacts. The glasses should have side and top protectors attached.

If your home hobby involves working with paints, epoxies, glues, or other chemicals then you will also need prescription safety glasses that have detachable side protectors.

So in conclusion whether it is in the workplace or at home, if you need prescription glasses then a good pair of prescription safety glasses would really do wonders for you.

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